Are We Sitting Too Much?

The average American sits for more that 6 hours a day. Studies show this can lead to endothelial dysfunction meaning that the arteries in our bodies start to deteriorate just like when you don't use your muscles, they start to atrophy. After just one hour of sitting, blood starts to pool and blood flow starts to stagnate. Working out is beneficial but hasn't shown to make a difference if you sit all day. So what you can you do about this especially if you sit all day for your job?

  1. Get a standing or treadmill desk. If your work can't accommodate one, then see item #4.
  2. Take breaks often by doing as little as just standing for one minute.
  3. Get up and go talk to someone instead of sending an email.
  4. If your job won't allow you to take breaks since you might be driving then there is another option that may help. Eat foods with turmeric or take curcumin supplements on a daily basis.
  5. And eating turmeric rich foods and exercise doubles the benefit.

So remember, our bodies are made to move. Find an excuse to get up and move more this month of January and throughout the year. Your body will thank you!

(Resource: Turmeric Curcumin vs. Exercise for Artery Function, Michael Greger)