Do You Know What's in Your Food?

How often do you read the label of the food items that you buy?  Even if something is supposed to be "Natural" or Organic, it is a good idea to read the label.  Many times you will discover that the second or third ingredient is sugar or high fructose corn syrup which can spike insulin levels and lead to health issues. 

Other hidden ingredients can be things like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which is a preservative or flavor enhancer used in many food products. Some say MSG is perfectly good for you and others say to steer clear of it because many people have bad reactions to it like headaches, sweating, facial pressure, chest pain, nausea, bloating, asthma, etc. It can be found in many foods under other names such as monopotassium glutamate, yeast nutrient, soy protein isolate, carrageenan, whey protein, and many more names to hide it.

If something is low in sugar then there can be added salt to compensate for the lack of sugar.  Also, look at the servings per container.  If something has 620 mg of sodium but contains 2 servings, then you may be consuming 1240 mg if you eat the whole item.

So what can you do about this?  Look for packaged foods that have only a few ingredients listed; a package of organic, frozen corn most likely will only list "corn" as its ingredients.  Remember that the first ingredient is the majority of what is in the item and the last ingredient is the least amount in the item.  Another even better way to have a greater idea of what is in your food is to buy whole, organic, fruits and vegetables, or  organic, grass fed meats or wild caught salmon or cod.   

So the next time you go grocery shopping take a moment to read everything you buy during this trip to give you a better idea of the things you are buying.  You might be surprised and find out that you are consuming more sugar or other ingredient that you didn't know you were consuming.